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You Break It-We Fix It

Automobile cylinders, crank cases, parts of machinery of
all kinds, stove and furnace parts, farm machinery and
all other kinds of broken castings of iron, copper, brass,
bronze, malleable iron and aluminum welded by.

Have your auto engine cleanedby the oxygen carbon flame.

M. MILLER, 811 W. 6th, St., LeMars
A complete machine shop equipment. Automobile
repairing a specialty. All work guaranteed.

Phone 555 Our Prices Are Reasonable 
MUELLER, Melchior (I51)

Tuenis Salie and Miss Kate Kruai were married by Rev. Bolks Wednesday. On the same day Rev. J. W. Warushuis performed the marriage ceremony of W. H. D. Lohman and Annie Van Pelt. Receptions were held in the evening at Hannes Van de Braake's and D. Van Pelt's which were attended by large numbers of young people and the festivities were continued well through the night. Mr. Salie has gone to his farm near Boyden, and Mr. Lohman will live in town. Success to them. 
Family F2479

A Pioneer Gone

Leendert Van Pelt was born at Charlois, South Holland, April 6, 1822 and died in Orange City Sunday night. Mr. Van Pelt was one of the early pioneers of the county, coming here from Pella with his family in 1870 which then consisted of his wife and four children, Dirk, Bert, Andrew and Mary. He took up his homestead near town and made a fine farm of it. During the last year or two he had lived with Mr. and Mrs. Ike Vos and had kept around in tolerable health. Sunday morning he was up as usual, smoked his pipe and sat out on the porch for a time. But the machinery was worn out and he passed away peacefully and without pain. Mrs. Van Pelt died five years ago and a daughter Mrs. Van De Steeg in March. Seven children survive, Dirk, Albert, Mrs. Frank Van deStoep, Leendert, Henry, Mrs. J. R. Brink, Mrs. J. G. Van den Berg. There are forty one grandchildren living and eighteen great grandchildren. The funeral took place yesterday at two o'clock from the First Reformed church and was attended by a great number. Mr. Van Pelt passed away surrounded by the evidences on all sides of the remarkable progress in which he and his family had been so large a factor and after an experience to which it is given few men to pass through.

Note: The obituary is incorrect in stating that Leendert had moved here from Pella with his wife and four children in 1870. By 1870, 10 children had been born, one had died in Holland. It should have read Leendert and his wife had first moved to Pella from South Holland with his wife and four children, Dirk, Bert, Andrew and Mary (Maria Adriana). 
VAN PELT, Leendert Dirksz (I234)

ALTON - From the Democrat

A happy event was celebrated at Orange City Tuesday the fiftieth anniversary of the wedding day of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Vander Stoep, prominent residents of the county seat, whose host of friends extended their felicitations and congratulations on that day Mr. and Mrs. Vander Stoep were married in Sioux county on March 30, 1876, four years after the earliest settlers had come to this section from Pella to establish a community. Both are among the very earliest settlers to come this county to make their home. 
Family F81

has recently been added to the equipment of
and he is now in position to handle all kinds of repair work
with the most complete equipment. A few of the uses of the
new machine are welding Auto Parts, Cylinders and Water,
Jackets, Boiler Flues, Flywheels, Gear Wheels and Building
Up Worn Parts of Machinery and Strengthening Weak Parts.
We can weld both light and heavy castings of Iron, Steel, Aluminum,
Copper, Brass, etc.
We Repair Automobiles and All Other Kinds of Machinery
M. MILLER, LeMars, Iowa
One-half block west of Market, first door east of Methodist
MUELLER, Melchior (I51)

Death of Mrs. L. Van Pelt, sr.

Andrika, wife of Mr. L. Van Pelt, sr., departed this life on Sunday, June 1, 1902, at 1:15 p. m., at the age of 74 years, after long and continued suffering from rheumatism and other ailments common in advanced age.

Deceased was born in Holland in 1828, her maiden name being Andrika Van Iterson; she came to America in 1856 settling in Pella, Iowa. In 1870 with her husband she came to Sioux county, being among the first settlers
of the colony. They settled on a farm just west of Orange City, where they resided until ten years ago, when they built a fine residence in town and retired from the farm.

The death of Mrs. Van Pelt, although not unexpected, brought deepest sorrow to her family and friends, to whom her noble life had endeared her. She was a Christian lady, a devoted wife and indulgent mother. She leaves her aged husband and eight grown children -all of whom were in attendance at the death bed- to mourn her demise.

How sadly the death of this beloved companion falls on the aged husband cannot, in any manner, be fully realized; but when we stop to consider that they have for fifty-four years fought, hand in hand-buffeting the hardships of early days one can begin to realize the loving fidelity which cemented these faithful hearts, and the depth of sorrow its severing bring.

The funeral sermon was preached yesterday afternoon by Rev. Staplekamp at the First Reformed church. The remains were followed to their final resting place in the Orange City cemetery by a large concourse of sorrowing relatives and friends. THE HERALD desires to extend its sympathy to the family in their great bereavement. 
VAN ITERSON, Andrika (I179)

Dirk Van Pelt, of Sherman township, is building a new dwelling house on his farm. Braskamp, of Alton, is doing the job. In very few years all our farmers will be comfortably located in new buildings, everything shows that hard time are past. 
VAN PELT, Dirk (I26)

Funeral services for the late Mrs. D. Van Pelt were held Thursday afternoon at the American Reformed church. Rev. Bert Brouwer officiated. Burial services were delayed until Friday due to the fact that her son, John, of Glendale, Calif., did not arrive in time for the services. Mrs. Van Pelt died at her home here March 17 at the age of 82 years. She was born in Holland and came to this country with her parents in early infancy. They settled at Pella. In 1872 she was married to Dick Van Pelt and the young couple came to Sioux county, settling on a homestead 3 miles west and 1 mile south of Orange City. In 1903 they moved to Orange City. Mr. Van Pelt passed away in 1921. Three children also preceded her in death - Mary, Ray and Mrs. Anna Lohman. Surviving are John of Glendale; Mrs. Fay Van Bethem; Lane and Andrew of Orange City; Herman of Sioux City; and Rudolph of Maurice. She is survived by 22 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren. 
DEN HARTOG, Aafje (I288)

Herman Van Pelt of Morningside called on his mother, Mrs. D. Van Pelt, who is seriously ill. 
DEN HARTOG, Aafje (I288)

We weld all kinds of Castings of Iron
Steel, Aluminum, Copper and Brass.
With the Latest Improved
We weld all kinds of Castings of Iron,
Steel, Aluminum, Coper and Brass.
One Half Block West Of The Market 
MUELLER, Melchior (I51)

M. Miller Died In St. Paul Jan. 22
In Business In LeMars Many Years

Melchior Miller, for many years in business in LeMars, died January 22, in St. Paul, Minnesota, at the advanced age of 86 years, 11 months and 7 days, after one week's illness.

Born February 15, 1861, in Switzerland, he came to Plymouth county in 1902 and for many years operated a machine and welding shop here. He was married in 1887 at Baltimore, Md., to Elizabeth Goetze, who with one daughter, Linda, preceded him in death. One son, Dr Edward Miller of LeMars, and the following daughters survive him: Mrs. M. E. Goff, St. Paul, Minn., Mrs. Felix Weidenfeller, Coleridge Neb., Mrs. Ray Sullivan, Sioux City, and Mrs. Ray Mischler, Washington, D. C.

Funeral services were held Sunday at the Evangelical United Brethren church, of which he was a member, and burial was in the city cemetery. Rev. H. O. Thompson, pastor of the church, conducted the service with Mauer's in charge. 
MUELLER, Melchior (I51)


VAN PELT-MIERAS - At Alton on Wednesday, November 15, 1882, by Rev. J. W. Warnshuis, Mr. Albertus van Pelt and Miss Susan Mieras, both of Sioux county.

The groom in this ceremony is one of Holland township's best and most prosperous young farmers, and owns a fine farm west of town, which is all under cultivation, and is well-to-do in this world's goods. His bride is a charming young miss, standing well up in society, and will make him a true and loving wife. The bridal party took supper at the home of the bride's parents, and afterward adjourned to Mr. van Pelt's new house on his farm, where preparations had been completed for the party, and all lovers of Terpsichore tripped the light fantastic until the "wee sma' hours." The happy pair have the best wishes of the entire community for their future happiness, and all wish them long life and prosperity. Also that they may have "van pelts" on their journey through life. 
Family F3

Mrs. D. Van Pelt Dies

Mrs. D. Van Pelt died at her home in Orange city March 17 at the age of 82 years. She was born in Holland and came to this country with her parents when she was two years old. In 1872 she came to Sioux County and lived on a homestead 3 miles west and 1 mile south of Orange City. In that same year she was married to Dick Van Pelt in Pella, Iowa. Nine children were born to her. Three children and her husband preceded her in death: Mary, 1918; Ray, 1917; Mrs. Anna Lohman, 1921; and Mr. Van Pelt in 1919. She is survived by the following children: John, Glendale, Cal,; Mrs. Fay Van Benthem, Lane and Andrew of Orange City; Herman, Sioux City; Rudolph, Maurice. She had 22 grand children and 6 great grand children. Funeral services will be on Thursday at two o'clock in the home and at 2:30 in the American Reformed church of which organization she was a member. Interment will be in the local cemetery. 
DEN HARTOG, Aafje (I288)

Mrs. D. Van Pelt who has been ailing for some time passed away at her home Tuesday morning. Funeral arrangements have not been completed. 
DEN HARTOG, Aafje (I288)

Mrs. M. Miller Taken By Death While On Visit
Was Well Known Resident Of Le Mars For Over Thirty Years

Mrs. Elizabeth Miller, 68, wife of Melchior Miller, for more than thirty five years a resident of Le Mars, died Tuesday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Ray Sullivan, in Sioux City. The cause of death was ascribed to heart trouble. She had been in poor health for fifteen years.

Mr. and Mrs. Miller left Le Mars about two years ago when Mr. Miller retired from business, and have been visiting their children in Beverly, Kentucky, Washington, D. C. and other places since.

Elizabeth Goetz, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Goetz, was born in Baltimore, Maryland, December 10, 1868, and was married to Mr. Miller at that place. They came to Le Mars in 1902 when Mr. Miller opened a machine shop and was known as an expert mechanic.

Besides her husband, Mrs. Miller leaves one son and five daughters, Rev. Edward Miller, Beverly Kentucky; Mrs. L. C. Van Pelt, of Sioux City; Mrs. M. E. Goff, St. Paul, Minn.; Mrs. Felix Weidenfeller, Plainview Neb.; Mrs. R. J. Mischler, of Washington D. C.; Mrs. Ray Sullivan, of Sioux City, and sixteen grandchildren. She also leaves a sister, Mrs. George W. Koenig, Waterloo, Iowa, and a brother, Rev. August Goetz, Covina, Calif.

Mr. and Mrs. Miller, while living in Le Mars, were active in the work of the Evangelical Church and its associations, and in social life gained many acquaintances and friends.

Funeral Held Yesterday

The funeral was held Thursday with brief services at the Sullivan home in Sioux City, by Rev. Karl Kaupp, pastor of the Melbourne church, and at 2:30 in the Hildreth Memorial church in Le Mars, the pastor, Rev. G. O. Thompson, officiating. Interment was made in the city cemetery. 
GOETZE, Elizabeth (I196)

NEAR-BY NEWS - Happenings of Interest in Towns and Country Around Us

Albert Van Pelt died at his home in Los Angeles, Calif., March 6th, being over seventy years of age. Mr. Van Pelt was born in the Netherlands and came to America when he was but three years old, locating at Pella, Iowa. In 1871 he came to Sioux county and took up a homestead three miles west of Orange City. He had suffered from pernicious anemia for several years and last fall he went to California in hopes that warmer climate would benefit his health. 
VAN PELT, Albertus (I16)


Lane Van Pelt, 81, passed away at the home of his nephew, Andrew Van Pelt Saturday July 3, at 12 o'clock after a short illness following a stroke. Mr. Van Pelt was widely known as a race horse breeder and driver. He was born in Pella in 1856 and came with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. Van Pelt, to Sioux county in 1870. The family home steaded two miles west of Orange City. After his parents moved to town he operated the farm for several years. In 1907 he moved to town. The past two years he lived with his nephew Andrew Van Pelt. He is survived by one brother, Henry Van Pelt of Glendale, Calif. He is also survived by several nieces and nephews. Funeral services were held Tuesday at 1:30 at the Andrew Van Pelt home with the Rev. L. Nattress officiating. 
VAN PELT, Leendert L. (I240)


In the presence of a large number of relatives and friends Mr. and Mrs. A. Van Pelt residing southeast of this place celebrated their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. Mr. Van Pelt is next to the oldest of the Van Pelt family the others being Dirk, Mrs. P. Vander Stoep, Leendert, Henry, Mrs. J. R. Brinks and Mrs. J. G. Vanden Burg. Mrs. Van Pelt belongs to the Mieras family living near Maurice. The children of Mr. and Mrs. Van Pelt are Jake, Leendert, Mrs. Ellerbroek of Sioux City, Francis, Willie, Louella, Virgin (sic) and Virgil. 
Family F3


Out of town people present at the Mrs. D. Vn (sic) Pelt funeral were: John Van Pelt, Glendiale, Calif.; Mr. and Mrs. H. Van Pelt, Merideth Van Pelt, Miss Blanche Van Benthem, and H. Bouwmeester, all of Sioux City; Miss Verna Van Benthem and S. Silkenbakken of Akron, Iowa.
Will Dielman, Earl Dielman, Mrs. K. de Bruyn, Mrs. J. Hellinga, Mrs. Effie Van Rees, Bas Andeweg and Mrs. Bas Vanderweg, all of Pella, Ia.; Mrs. M. C. Johnson, Oldham, S.D.; Mr. and Mrs. Bill Van Pelt, Volga, South Dakota. 
DEN HARTOG, Aafje (I288)


Those from here who attended the funeral of the late Mrs. Lane Van Pelt of Sioux City included Messrs. and Mesdames Rudy Van Pelt, Andrew Van Pelt, Wm. Van Benthem, F. F. Vander Stoep, F Vander Stoep. sr., Mrs. G. A. Oelrich and Mrs. H. M. Westra. Those from out of town at the burial in Orange City were Mrs. Susan Van Pelt of Glendale, Calif., Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Van Pelt of Volga, South Dak., Mr. and Mrs. Herman Van Pelt of Sioux City, Mrs. Cobb of Sioux City, Mrs. Kuhl of Odebolt and Mr. and Mrs. John Mieras of Maurice.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Van Pelt of Volga, S. D. called on relatives Friday enroute home from Sioux City where they had attended the funeral of Mrs. Leonard Van Pelt. 
MILLER, Lena Anita (I197)

Public Sale of Real Estate

Notice is hereby given that at two o'clock P. M. on Saturday the 7th day of September, 1907, at the front door of the court house at Orange City Iowa, we the undersigned will offer for sale to the highest and best bidder for cash, the following described real estate, to-wit:

The northeast quarter of section 36-95-46 and the southwest quarter of the northwest quarter of section 31-95-44 and also lots 2 and 3 in block number 27 Orange City Iowa -all of said real property belonging to the estate of Leendert Van Pelt Senior, recently deceased, and all said property being situated in Sioux County Iowa.

This property is free and clear of all liens and encumbrances and is as choice and desirable as any in the county. A small payment must be made on the date of the sale by the purchaser as earnest money but the consideration is not to be paid until the sale and deed has been approved by the District Court of Sioux County Iowa. For particulars call on or address the undersigned.

Executors, Orange City Iowa
G. T. HATLEY, Attorney for Estate 
VAN PELT, Leendert Dirksz (I234)

Van Pelt Silver Wedding

Twenty-five years ago THE HERALD contained this notice: "Married, Nov. 15, 1882, by Rev. J. W. Warnshuis, Albertus Van Pelt and Miss Susan Mieras. The groom is one of Holland township's best young farmers and his bride is a charming young Miss, standing well up in society." The worthy couple whose marriage was thus noted, celebrated their silver wedding out at their fine home Friday evening. A large number of guests were present many of whom had been witnesses to the ceremony of twenty-five years ago. They brought a table full of presents which were greatly admired. The supper was a great feature as might have been expected at the Van Pelt home. Music enlivened the evening, furnished by Misses Maggie Synborst, Gertrude and Harriet Van Pelt, Ed Van den Berg and Richard Van Pelt.

The guests present were:
Messrs and Mesdames J. S. Mieras, V. Moir, D. Doherty, Wm. Mieras, J. E. Mieras, F. A. Mieras, C. Jackson, Mrs. L. Mieras, Miss Dina Mieras. Mrs. Van der Sluis of Maurice. Messrs. and Mesdames J. G. Van den Berg, Geo. Oelrich, G. T. Hately, G. L. Van de Steeg, H. De Rraay, J. T. Klein, John Synhorst, D. Van Pelt, L. D. Van Pelt, H. Van Pelt, Frank Van der Stoep, L. Van der Stoep, A. Van der Stoep, L. Vos. Messrs. L. Van Pelt, John Brolsma, Hugo and Frank Synhorst, Andrew Van Pelt, Herman Van Pelt, F. Van der Stoep, G. T. Van de Steeg. Miss Helen Smidt of l.eMars. Mrs. John Brinks and Miss Anna Brinks or Sioux Center. Mr. and Mrs. Chas Smit of Alton. Mrs. H. Ellerbroek of Sioux City. Master Richard Van Pelt, Misses Gertrude, Annna and Harriet Van Pelt. Master Dick Van der Stoep, Misses Dina and Kitty Van der Stoep. Jennie and Maggie Synhorst. Miss Roma Van den Berg. Master Edward Van den Berg.

A pleasant feature of the occasion was the presence of the nine children, who are Mrs. H. Ellerbroek, Robert, Leonard, Ada, Willie, Frances, Luella, Virgil and Vernal. 
Family F3
23 According to Vonnie Mieras Hager, Charlene was adopted by Jake and Mattie. They had a friend who was a nurse and she "gave" the baby to them. It is not known if the adoption was ever legal. After Jake died, the state took Charlene away from Mattie, who was a bit slow. Charlene was about sixteen at the time. Marsha Vande Poppe said that some in the family kept track of Charlene for awhile, but whatever became of her is unknown now. MIERAS, Charlene (I6582)
24 He is listed under his parents household Leendert Van Pelt and Andrika Van Pelt as age 27, farmer, and single. VAN PELT, Leendert L. (I240)
25 Witness: Father. LEENTFAAR, Cornelia Cornelisdr (I339)
26 Witness: Grietje Ariense. KOOL, Maijken Jacobsdr (I5702)
27 Witness: Grietje Gijsen Stelboer. GROENENBOOM, Leijgje Jacobsdr (I3011)
28 Witness: Mensje Cornelisdr. GROENENDIJK, Mensje Cornelisdr (I476)
29 Witnesses: Daem Damesz of Heinenoord, Claes Ariensz from the Hill, Ariana, wife of Jan Cornelisz, residing at Beijerland. Cornelis Rochusz (I2665)
30 Witnesses: Marinus Braals, Tannetje Elenbass PIKAART, Maria Joostdr (I491)
31 (Medical): VAN PELT, Leendert Dirksz (I234)
32 (Medical):Andries was shot in a corn field, caught for boot legging leaving 8 children and a wife. VANDER STOEP, Andries (I297)
33 (Medical):Arend had a total of eighteen children from three wives. VAN WECHEL, Arend J. (I6478)
34 (Medical):Christopher was raised by his father, James Siler, who had custody. SILER, Christopher James (I7025)
35 (Medical):Her skin turned black before she died from the toxemia. She died days after giving birth to her daughter Lois. MILLER, Lena Anita (I197)
36 (Research):I found a picture of Elisabeth Van Pelt and John Vandenberg. Need to verify John that is her husband. VAN DEN BERG, John G. (I5759)
37 A twin brother of Cornelis Cornelisz. VERSCHOOR, Leendert Cornelisz (I1147)
38 A twin brother of Leendert Cornelisz. VERSCHOOR, Cornelis Cornelisz (I1148)
39 A twin. LEMS, Maria Willemsdr (I1976)
40 A twin. LEMS, Elisabeth Willemsdr (I1980)
41 A twin. GOFFA, Jaapje Pietersdr (I2027)
42 A twin. GOFFA, Commertje Pietersdr (I2028)
43 A twin. Her sister's name is Cornelia Sara Eversdijk. EVERSDIJK, Sara Cornelia (I5860)
44 A twin. Her sister's name is Sara Cornelia Eversdijk. EVERSDIJK, Cornelia Sara (I5861)
45 A twin. His brother's name is Adriaan Eversdijk. EVERSDIJK, Lucas (I5866)
46 A twin. His brother's name is Lucas Eversdijk. EVERSDIJK, Adriaan (I5865)
47 Ada died giving birth to her son Adrian. Adrian was adopted out and his name was changed to John Vos. John Vos died in Riverside, CA in 1994. VAN PELT, Ada Isabelle (I20)
48 Adopted. MOORE, Janis Kay (I6680)
49 Adriaan is listed as 20 years old at time of marriage and Johanna age 17. Family F2348
50 Adriaan is listed as 26 years old at time of marriage and Machelijntje age 20 years. Family F2350
51 Adriaan is listed as 30 years old at time of marriage and Geertie 29 years. Geertie's parents are listed as deceased at time of marriage. Family F2346
52 Adriaan is listed as 34 years old at time of marriage and Catharina age 24 years. Adriaan's parents are listed as Willem van der Linde and Johanna Molhoek. Family F2378
53 Adriaan is listed as being single. His parents are listed as Willem van de Linde and Johanna Molhoek. VAN DE LINDE, Adriaan (I5503)
54 Adriaan's birth record lists his parents as Nicolass Meijer and Willemina Mieras. MEIJER, Adriaan (I5137)
55 Adriaan's death record states he is a 68 year old "landbouwer" farmer at time of death born in Kattendijke, died in Yerseke, son of Marinus Goeman and Adriana Wisse, and widower of Adriana Trimpe. GOEMAN, Adriaan (I5933)
56 Adriaan's death record states he was a 64 year old "kleermaker" tailor at time of death, born and died in Wemeldinge, son of Dingenis Jeremiasse and Johanna Mieras, and married to Wilhelmina Goeman. JEREMIASSE, Adriaan (I5931)
57 Adriaan's memories of successie states he is a 47 year old "landbouwer" farmer at time of death married to Geertje de Leeuw a "landbouwster" female farmer. HAMELINK, Adriaan (I5441)
58 Adrian was adopted out when his mother died giving birth to him. His name was changed to John Vos. John Vos died in 1994 at Riverside, CA. BOS, Adrian John (I2144)
59 Adrian's mother died after giving birth to him. He was adopted out and his name was changed to Adrian John Bos. He later changed his name to John Vos. He died as John Vos in 1994 at Desert Hot Springs, Riverside, California, USA. BOS, Adrian John (I2144)
60 Adriana was listed as 10 days old at her time of death, and the daughter of Dominicus Nagelkerke, a 42 year old "arbeider" day laborer, and Neeltje Staal. NAGELKERKE, Adriana (I5776)
61 Adriana's death record states she is 46 years old at time of death, born and died in Yerseke, daughter of Pieter Trimpe and Janna Jasperse, and married to Adriaan Goeman a 50 year old "melkboer" milk farmer/milkman. TRIMPE, Adriana (I5934)
62 Adriana's death record states she was 72 years old at time of death, born and died in Wemeldinge, daughter of Anthonij Bustraan and Maria de Rijder, and married to Dirk de Schipper. It also sates she was the widow of Anthonie de Vos and Johannes Wisse. BUSTRAAN, Adriana (I5930)
63 Adriana's succession states she is married to Janis Sela, and is the widow of Jacobus Staal. MIERAS, Adriana (I224)
64 Adrianna left Wemeldinge with her husband Jacob and three children. Their two youngest children Katharina age 3 and Susanna age 1 died at sea. CENTZEN, Adrianna Laurus (I34)
65 Anthonie's death record states he is a 71 year old "dijkwerker" dike laborer at time of death, born and died in Wemeldinge, son of Pieter de Vos and Johanna Bredouw, and married to Adriana Bustraan. It also states he is a widower of Cornelia van Veen. DE VOS, Anthonie (I5940)
66 Antonina's death record states that she was 43 years old at time of death, born in Baarland, died in Kloetinge, the daughter of Gerard Timmerman and Jannetje Wisse, and married to Jan van Liere a "landman" farmer. TIMMERMAN, Antonina Amandia (I5823)
67 Apolonia's death record states she is 77 years old at time of death, daughter of Philippus Pieterse and Sara Schipper, and widow of Willem Jeremiasse. PIETERSE, Apolonia (I5924)
68 Arend and "Fannie" had six children. Family F2831
69 Arend and Christina had four children. Family F2835
70 Arend and Julia had eight children. Family F2834
71 Arij Verpoorte her husband is listed as a 36 year old departing Wemeldinge with his wife and 1 child. His occupation is listed as "arbeider" day laborer, religion as Dutch Reformed and reason for departure is "verbetering van bestaan" improvement of existence. CENTZE, Tannetje (I5437)
72 Arij Verpoorte is listed as 36 years old departing Wemeldinge with his wife and 1 child. His occupation is listed as "arbeider" day laborer, religion as Dutch Reformed and reason for departure is "verbetering van bestaan" improvement of existence. VERPOORTE, Arij (I5438)
73 At time of baptism his parents are listed as Andries van Iterson and Isabella Taijlor. VAN ITERSON, Andries Andriesz (I50)
74 At time of death, Adriaan is listed as 70 years old and married to Cornelia Swemer. His parents are listed as Adriaan Haaij and Janna van Oosten. HAAIJ, Jan Adriaanse (I5466)
75 At time of death, his name is listed as Janus Schipper a "landbouwer" farmer married to Maria Mieras a "landbouwster" female farmer. SCHIPPER, Johannes (I5494)
76 At time of death, Neeltje was listed as the daughter of Jacobus Stall and Adriana Mieras, wife of Dominicus Nagelkerke and age 30 years old. Her occupation stated "arbeidster" female day laborer. STAAL, Neeltje (I5488)
77 At time of death, she is listed as Geertruij Centse (Cent is father's first name) Jobse (Job is grandfather's first name). Her parents are listed as Cent Jobse and Jobje Lauwerisse Potters. She is listed as being 76 years old, and the widow of Jan Haverhoek. CENTSE, Geertruid (I5523)
78 At time of death, Suzanna was listed as 49 years old, born in Kapelle, and the wife of Laurus Mieras. It lists her occupation as "landbouwster" female farmer. VAN DE LINDE, Suzanna (I156)
79 At time of marriage, Cornelis is listed as a 69 year old widow of Adriana Haaij, and Dingena a 36 year old widower of Andries Noordhoek. Family F2352
80 At time of marriage, he is listed as Laurus Mieras, age 22 years, the son of Jacob Mieras and Neeltje Lauris. His place of birth as Kapelle, and his occupation "landbouwer" farmer.

Suzanna is listed as 25 years old, daughter of Willem van de Linde and Johanna Molhoek. Her occupation is "landbouwster" female farmer. 
Family F42
81 At time of marriage, Jan is listed as the widower of J. Slok and Geertruit Sense the widow of K. Labezo of Kloetinge. Family F2389
82 At time of marriage, listed as August Goetze born in Baltimore, Maryland, son of Henry Goetze and Margaretha Hupp. Amelia Edinger age 22 born in Ashford, Wisconsin, daughter of Otto Edinger and Agatha Vetsch. Family F3973
83 At time of marriage, listed as Leonard Van Pelt age 20, born 1881 in Orange City, son of Dirk Van Pelt and Effie Hartog. Kate Synhorst age 18, born 1883 in Orange City, daughter of John Synhorst and Esther Mock. Family F3065
84 At time of marriage, listed as Leonard Van Pelt age 25, born 1885 Orange City, Iowa, son of Albertus Van Pelt and Susan Mieras. Lena Miller age 21, born 1889 Baltimore, MD, daughter of M. Miller and Elizabeth Goetz. Family F2
85 At time of marriage, Quinten is listed as 48 years old and widower of Maria Quinten. Pieternella is 30 years old and the widow of Jelier de Vos. Quinten's parents are listed as Adriaan van de Linde and Susanna Barendse. Family F2382
86 At time of marriage, Willem is listed as 24 years old and Quirina age 25 years. Family F2292
87 Baptismal notes state her name is also Maijken Jans Gandolfs, and she was born on a farm West of Baarsdorp. GANDOLFS, Maijken Jansdr (I6167)
88 Baptismal record states Jan is his father Pieter Hamelink's 25th child. HAMELINK, Jan (I5670)
89 Baptized by Reverend Guarnerus Soetens, minister at Oud-Vosmeer. ZWARTEPOORTE, Jan Lauwrisz (I5237)
90 Before their marriage, Andries lived in the "high ditch" and Sofia the "stink ditch." Family F112
91 Benjamin's death record states he is a 32 year old "kleermaker" tailor at time of death, born and died in Kattendijke, son of Be is lsi VAN DE KREKE, Benjamin (I5839)
92 Block 10. GOETZE, Henry (I5743)
93 Born at 12:00 pm. ZWARTEPOORTE, Pieter Lauwerisz (I5234)
94 Born at 12:00 pm. VERBURG, Maria Adriaanse (I5235)
95 Born at 2:30 am. ZWARTEPOORTE, Jan (I5236)
96 Born at 3:00 pm. ZWARTEPOORTE, Jan Lauwrisz (I5237)
97 Born at 3:00 pm. ZWARTEPOORTE, Willemina Laurusse (I5238)
98 Born at 3:30 am. ZWARTEPOORTE, Catharina Laurusse (I5225)
99 Born at 5:00 am. ZWARTEPOORTE, Neeltje Lauwerisse (I158)
100 Born at 6:00 pm. ZWARTEPOORTE, Dina Laurusse (I5229)
101 Born at 8:00 pm. ZWARTEPOORTE, Willem Laurusse (I5221)
102 Born in district number 21. WONDERGEM, Peter (I5647)
103 Born in house district #74. MIERAS, Louweris (I35)
104 Buried as Cornelis Jongejan den Oude. JONGEJAN, Cornelis Arijsz (I1739)
105 Buried in Lot 525W. PECH, William J. (I227)
106 Buried in Lot No. 1001. Double grave with wife Adriana Maria Tjebbes, sharing one gravestone. PIETERSE, Marinus (I9137)
107 Buried in Lot No. 1088. No gravestone. MEIJAARD, Jacomina (I9113)
108 Buried in Lot No. 1133. Double grave with wife Stoffelina Nieuwenhuijse, sharing one gravestone. PIETERSE, Adrianus (I9141)
109 Buried in Lot No. 1185. No gravestone. VAN KLINK, Maria (I9102)
110 Buried in Lot No. 1232. Double grave with husband Adrianus Pieterse, sharing one gravestone. NIEUWENHUIJSE, Stoffelina (I9142)
111 Buried in Lot No. 173. Single gravestone. DEKKER, Janna (I9127)
112 Buried in Lot No. 184. No gravestone. DE HEERE, Cornelis (I9104)
113 Buried in Lot No. 44. single grave with a stone. PIETERSE, Daniel (I9122)
114 Buried in Lot No. 470. No gravestone. VAN HOUTEN, Cornelia (I9092)
115 Buried in Lot No. 514. No gravestone. DE HEERE, Jan (I9105)
116 Buried in Lot No. 613. Double grave with husband Hendrik Pieterse, sharing one gravestone. SERVAAS, Elisabeth Catharina (I9134)
117 Buried in Lot No. 697. No gravestone. VAN KLINK, Elisabeth (I9103)
118 Buried in Lot No. 70. No gravestone. SIMONS, Maria Jacoba (I9140)
119 Buried in Lot No. 71. No gravestone. TJEBBES, Pieter (I9139)
120 Buried in Lot No. 804. PIETERSE, Hendrik (I9133)
121 Buried in Lot No. 809. Double grave with second wife Willemijna Cornelisse, sharing one gravestone. PIETERSE, Johannes (I9126)
122 Buried in Lot No. 826. No gravestone. VAN KLINK, Johannes (I9091)
123 Buried in Lot No. 842. No gravestone. WILLEMSE, Johannes (I9112)
124 Buried in Lot No. 893. Double grave with husband Marinus Pieterse, sharing one gravestone. TJEBBES, Adriana Maria (I9138)
125 Buried in Lot No. 989. Double grave with husband Johannes Pieterse, sharing one gravestone. CORNELISSE, Willemijna (I9130)
126 Buried in Lot No. E50. No gravestone. VAN KLINK, Hubertha (I9107)
127 Buried in Lot Number 1073. No gravestone. JEREMIASSE, Marinus (I5935)
128 Buried in Lot Number 164. VAN DE VISSER, Jannetje (I6131)
129 Buried in Lot Number 164. No gravestone. MINNAARD, Esdra (I6130)
130 Buried in Lot Number 171. No gravestone. HAMELINK, Cornelia (I5454)
131 Buried in Lot Number 212. No gravestone. POTTER, Maria (I6116)
132 Buried in Lot Number 23. No gravestone. JEREMIASSE, Zuzanna (I5927)
133 Buried in Lot number 252. No gravestone. FERDINANDUSSE, Pieternella (I6366)
134 Buried in Lot Number 266. No gravestone. VLEUGEL, Mattheus (I5896)
135 Buried in Lot Number 307. No gravestone. WISSE, Pieter (I5928)
136 Buried in Lot Number 337. No gravestone. MINNAARD, Jan (I6115)
137 Buried in Lot number 380. MIERAS, Louweris (I214)
138 Buried in Lot Number 396. VAN DER SCHRAAF, Jacobus (I6060)
139 Buried in Lot Number 41. No gravestone. BUSTRAAN, Adriana (I5930)
140 Buried in Lot Number 460. No gravestone. JEREMIASSE, Wihelmina (I5895)
141 Buried in Lot number 484. No gravestone. BIJLO, Willemijna (I5479)
142 Buried in Lot Number 55. No gravestone. FEIJTEL, Jannetje (I5550)
143 Buried in Lot Number 565. No gravestone. JEREMIASSE, Adriaan (I5931)
144 Buried in Lot number 582. No gravestone. MIERAS, Lauwerens (I6365)
145 Buried in Lot Number 585. No gravestone. JEREMIASSE, Pieter (I5911)
146 Buried in Lot Number 618. No gravestone. DEN DEKKER, Cornelia (I5912)
147 Buried in Lot number 648. No gravestone. MIERAS, Geertje (I6369)
148 Buried in Lot Number 686. No gravestone. JEREMIASSE, Lourina (I5907)
149 Buried in Lot Number 756. LAUWERENS, Dina (I6082)
150 Buried in Lot Number 768. No gravestone. JEREMIASSE, Willem (I5923)
151 Buried in Lot Number 79. No gravestone. DE SCHIPPER, Dirk (I5944)
152 Buried in Lot Number 795. No gravestone. KORSTANJE, Pieter (I5908)
153 Buried in Lot Number 796. Double grave and one gravestone with husband Laurus Jeremiasse. SCHOUWENAAR, Catharina (I5920)
154 Buried in Lot Number 815. Double grave and one gravestone with wife Catharina Schouwenaar. JEREMIASSE, Laurus (I5919)
155 Buried in Lot number 85. No gravestone. MALLEKOTE, Adriana (I6372)
156 Buried in Lot Number 92. No gravestone. SNOEK, Maria (I5922)
157 Buried in Lot Number 988. No gravestone. PIETERSE, Apolonia (I5924)
158 Buried in Lot Number D158. No gravestone. MIERAS, Jan (I5792)
159 Buried in Lot Number D2. No gravestone. DE JONGE, Agatha (I5793)
160 Buried in Section 19A Site 2642. VAN PELT, Vernon Edward (I175)
161 Buried in Section 21 Site 93. VAN PELT, Duane Floyd (I13)
162 Buried in Section Linden 8 6 2. MILLER, Marie Elizabeth (I242)
163 Buried in the Church "int hoochkoer." OP 'T DORP, Adriaen Jacobsz (I4210)
164 Buried in the Church. POLDERMAN, Willem Jasperse (I5260)
165 Buried in the Church. KELLE, Cornelis Cornelisz (I6168)
166 Buried in the Church. HUIJGEN (I9190)
167 Buried together with child. As indicated by William 't Hart on 10 February 1777. KOSTER, Arentje Casparusdr (I1141)
168 Buried together with mother. VAN DER WEIJDE, Gerrits (I1142)
169 Catharina's death record states she was 73 years old at time of death, born and died in Wemeldinge, daughter of Gerad Schouwenaar and Maria Snoek, and wife of Laurus Jeremiasse. SCHOUWENAAR, Catharina (I5920)
170 Centina's death record states she was 73 years old at time of death, born and died in Goes, the daughter of Johannes Melse and Cornelia Schipper, and widow of Marinus van Liere. MELSE, Centina (I5820)
171 Child born in the false (child was born before the parents were married). RUIJSEVELT, Klaasje Sijmonsdr (I3047)
172 Church in Poortugaal founded in his memory around 1488. DROGENDIJK, Floris Heijndricxsz (I2052)
173 Church marriage. Family F43
174 Church marriage. Family F365
175 Church marriage. Family F688
176 Church marriage. Family F690
177 Church marriage. Family F691
178 Church marriage. Family F692
179 Church marriage. Family F774
180 Church marriage. Family F2212
181 Church marriage. Family F2260
182 Church marriage. Family F2262
183 Church marriage. Family F2264
184 Church marriage. Family F2267
185 Church marriage. Family F2268
186 Church marriage. Family F2270
187 Church marriage. Family F2273
188 Church marriage. Family F2274
189 Church marriage. Family F2275
190 Church marriage. Family F2277
191 Church marriage. Family F2279
192 Church marriage. Family F2283
193 Church marriage. Family F2288
194 Church marriage. Family F2291
195 Church marriage. Family F2322
196 Church marriage. Family F2328
197 Church marriage. Family F2329
198 Church marriage. Family F2443
199 Church marriage. Family F2603
200 Church marriage. Family F2604
201 Church marriage. Family F2606
202 Church marriage. Family F2607
203 Church marriage. Family F2610
204 Church marriage. Family F2611
205 Church marriage. Family F2614
206 Church marriage. Family F2617
207 Church marriage. Family F2619
208 Church marriage. Family F2666
209 Church marriage. Family F2668
210 Church marriage. Family F2670
211 Church marriage. Family F2697
212 Church marriage. Family F2699
213 Church marriage. Family F2701
214 Church marriage. Family F2707
215 Church marriage. Family F2734
216 Church marriage. Family F2739
217 Church marriage. Family F2742
218 Church marriage. Family F2743
219 Church marriage. Family F2746
220 Church marriage. Family F2747
221 Church marriage. Family F2748
222 Church marriage. Family F2784
223 Church marriage. Family F3185
224 Church marriage. Family F3216
225 Church marriage. Family F3223
226 Church marriage. Family F3225
227 Church marriage. Family F3227
228 Church marriage. Family F3275
229 Church marriage. Family F3276
230 Church marriage. Family F3280
231 Church marriage. Family F3306
232 Church marriage. Family F3551
233 Church marriage. Family F3808
234 Church marriage. Jan is listed as 28 years old at time of marriage and Cornelia age 20 years. Family F2353
235 Church marriage. Their marriage record states Arij is a 31 year old "boereknecht" farmer's hand born in Neuzen, son of Arij Verpoorte and Lisia Wolfert. Tannetje is a 22 year old "boeremeid" female farmer's hand born in Wemeldinge, daughter of Job Centze a "arbeider" day laborer and Catharina Hamelink a "arbeidster" female day laborer. Family F2344
236 Church marriage. Their marriage record states Jacob is a 26 year old "boereknecht" farmer's hand born in Kapelle, son of Louwerus Mieras a "landbouwer" farmer and Suzanna van de Linde. Adriaana Centze is a 20 year old "boeremeid" female farmer's hand born in Wemeldinge, daughter of Job Lourus Centze a "arbeider" day laborer and Catharina Hamelink a "arbeidster' female day laborer. Family F4
237 Civil marriage. Family F10
238 Civil marriage. Family F51
239 Civil marriage. Family F497
240 Civil marriage. Family F590
241 Civil marriage. Family F718
242 Civil marriage. Family F2442
243 Cornelia's death record states she is 70 years old at time of death, born in Kapelle, died in Wemeldinge, daughter of Digenis Schipper and Janna Bijlo, and widow of Pieter Korstanje of Zeist. SCHIPPER, Cornelia (I5910)
244 Cornelia's death record states she is 71 years old at time of death, born in Hoedekenskerke, died in Wemeldinge, daughter of Gideon den Dekker and Maria Weststrate, and widow of Pieter Jeremiasse. DEN DEKKER, Cornelia (I5912)
245 Cornelia's death record states she is 79 years old at time of death, born and died in Kapelle, daughter of Jacob Schouwenaar and Willemina van Duine, and is the widow of Pieter Bijlo. SCHOUWENAAR, Cornelia (I5481)
246 Cornelia's death record states she was 2 months old at time of death, born and died in Wemeldinge, daughter of Job Lourus Cense a "arbeider" day laborer and Chatharina Hamelink a "arbeidster" female day laborer. CENTSE, Cornelia Laurus (I46)
247 Cornelia's death record states she was 84 years old at time of death, born in Poortvliet, died in Goes, daughter of Cornelis van de Zande and Adriana Bierens, and widow of Marinus Reijnhout. It also states she was the widow of Cornelis Johannes Visser. VAN DE ZANDE, Cornelia (I5882)
248 Cornelis death record states he was 8 years old at time of death, born and died in Wemeldinge, son of Job Centse a "arbeider" day laborer and Catharina Hamelink a "arbeidster" female day laborer. CENTSE, Cornelis (I5412)
249 Cornelis is buried in the Church Westmaas under slab 29. SIMONSZ, Cornelis (I2403)
250 Cornelis is buried outside the Church. GROEN, Cornelis Arijsz (I2734)

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